I teach creative writing workshops based on my research on somatic psychology, clay studies, and poetics. The workshops are messy, stress-reducing, and interoceptive: meaning, we move from the body towards the world, rather than the other way around. Contact me for booking at

"At the Edge of Wildness"
Workshop for SPRAWL
CalArts 2017

I was invited to lead a clay and writing workshop through the generous support of SPRAWL. A group of writing, performance art, and film students explored how to think about the plasticity of language and embodied intuitive feeling. The room became messier the deeper we searched. I meant to take pictures of the event, but the synergy was too strong--I forgot I even had a camera. 


"Architextural Attunement:
Writing as a Plastic Art"
Lecture/Workshop for &NOW: Blast Radius
CalArts 2015

In 2015, I was invited to give a hybrid lecture/workshop on my research into clay and writing at the &NOW: Blast Radius conference hosted by CalArts. The theme of the conference was "writing and other arts." Conference attendees, students, and faculty worked with clay while I read a performative piece that blended poetic theory with architectural theory, somatic psychology, and intersectional studies. 


Clay, Writing, & Dushu Ritual
Contemplative Workshop w/Bhanu Kapil
Naropa University 2013

Bhanu Kapil, fierce writer of the body and migration, invited me to co-create a workshop on clay, meditation, and writing for Contemplative Practice Day at Naropa University. We improvised a weaving-together of our research: from her work with dushu at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico and my conversations with Michael Franklin on clay and narrative. After meditating, playing with clay, and writing, we took our soft sculptures to the river and watched as they turned into something else.